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A Guide to National Shoreline Data and Terms

Policy and Management

Image of Beach Erosion

Defining the shoreline can be one step toward managing the shoreline. Beyond this, human use and development near the shoreline can be influenced by a variety of planning, policy, and regulatory approaches.

NOAA OCRM Shoreline Management Technical Assistance Toolbox

NOAA’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM) created the Shoreline Management Technical Assistance Toolbox as an on-line guide for state coastal managers. It provides cen­tralized access to information, resources, and tools to address shoreline erosion and management, focusing on alternatives to traditional shoreline hardening. The website is organized into four main sections: Planning, Policy, and Regulatory Tools; Economics of Shoreline Management; Soft/Alternative Stabilization Methods; and Resources.

NOAA Restoration Center Living Shorelines Portal

NOAA's Restoration Center funds and provides technical assistance on many living shoreline projects. The Living Shorelines section of this clearinghouse describes living shorelines and their benefits, outlines implementation procedures, describes case studies, and includes many other resources and contacts.

The Public Trust Doctrine

The Public Trust Doctrine is a common-law doctrine of property law, customized by each state, which establishes public rights in navigable waters and on the shore.